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絵の世界へようこそ。 | By:はとり

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亡者の青 | By:格跳 

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ib!!!!! | By:どーたく@7/18日1巻発売!

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肖像と精神の具現化 | By:長乃

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a-forgotten-heroine asked:
"Where am I?"

He looked back, trying to figure out where the small voice had come from. He noticed a young girl standing not that far away from him, he walked over to her, kneeling down a little bit. “Are you alright?..” He smiled warmly, not trying to scare her since she looked very confused as it is. “Do you need help finding something?…”

tamamayuxei asked:
Uweh... Oh ! By the way, my name is Alicia. Sorry to not told ya before. Now i'm not a stranger anymore ! And... well, you are... Garry. It's ridiculous but... can we be fri-... Ah ! D-Do you like cats ?!

"It’s very nice to meet you Alicia." He blinked a few times in confusion. "Can we be what?… " He tilted his head to the side a little bit. "I don’t bite, you can talk to me and ask me anything. I’ll try to help you as much as I can." A small smile grew on his face.

askanimepie asked:
*sips some coffee XD* Garry would you like some macaroons? Also can you hug me? ♥

"I would love some, did you make them?" He looked down at her. "A-A h-hug?…" He blushed softly. "W-Why?…."

ask-ib-eve asked:
hi garbear

"Hello Eve, how are you?"

angelofmusic21 asked:

"Y-You don’t need to be so happy,  not special enough for this much excitement…"

Anonymous asked:
for the 'like/reblog if you rp ib' does that still count if you are going to but havent yet made an account??

Of course. I just want to see who is still in the IB fandom. It feels like we’ve lost a lot of people. ;w;

"If you role play an IB character or are just in the IB fandom in general. Can you please reblog/like this? I’m just curious to see if the fandom is still as big as I remember. "

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Walking over the fox had smelled Garry’s scent and needed to talk to him anyways so rushed after.Catching scent of the cigarette she hugged him from behind “Garbear that’s bad for you” Seirnaty whimpered glaring a bit knowing what that could do to his human body.


He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth, tapping some of the ashes off of the end. “I’m sorry Serina..” He looks down at her sadly. “It’s a bad addiction, I know.” He chuckles softly to himself. He knew that she either was or is now upset with him because of it, but he wanted to stay at least a little bit calm. So he continued taking a few drags from it. 

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He was walking through the seemingly empty hallways of the gallery, he had no idea what was going on. All that he remembers was looking at the painting of the hanging man, then ending up face down in the middle of an area he had no recollection of. He took a small box out of one of his jacket pockets and picked out a cigarette from the slightly crumpled box, He stopped for a moment to light it, proceeding not long after, trying to look for someone, anyone. On the outside he looked calm, but on the inside he was like a bomb. Ready to burst. He was never a huge fan of  being alone, especially somewhere as spooky as were he was now.